Thursday, November 7, 2013

BREAD AND SALT, Palais Porcia, Vienna (group exhibition)

I participated with the works Love & Interest, 2001; Crusifixion, 2001 and A Face A Miror, 2003.

The catalogue:

Bread and Salt
Transition and Gender
One aspect of the Macedonian Youth Visual Scene
Ana Frangovska, curator

One of the warmest welcoming rituals in Macedonia was the ceremony of hospitality presented with offering bread and salt to the admired guests, which as an act by itself refers to the philanthropy as something general and traditional.
How much the tradition is changed by the influence of the contemporary way of living and how much the urge for becoming a part of one big family, named Europe, deformed the perceptions of the affiliation? This issue is crucial especially when it is a word about a geographically small and young country, such as Macedonia, where the transition from one system into another is still in process (Macedonia became independent in 1991). This is one of the aspects that is being perceived in the curatorial concept Bread and Salt, presented through the different matrices to which the Macedonian artist reacts. The transitional aspect is being enriched by the prism of the gender relations, i.e. the mail and the female perception of the complicated social relations such as transfer, tradition, self-identification, affiliation, social or gender difference, rights, social awareness. 
The exhibition includes Macedonian contemporary artist, some affirmed, and the other young but in a rapid upsurge of their visual activity. United around the bipolarity of the titular Bread and Salt, i.e. the dualities old-new and male-female (seen through historical, social and philosophical level) they present one recourse of the youth Macedonian visual scene.

Participating artiststs: Tabi Aziri, Zeni Ballaqi, Dijana Bogdanovska, Osman Demiri, Iskra Dimitrova, Slavica Janeslieva, Filip Jovanovski, Goce nanevski, Irena Paskali, Aleksandar Spasoski, Miroslava Trujkanovic, Velimir Zernovski.

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