Monday, May 1, 2023

Europe House Buzz April 2023

PhD, MFA, Dean of FFA

Arts record human existence and transmit these experiences and events to future generations. Art has always been a form of communication.

Our country belongs to a region that abounds in rich cultural heritage. Archaeological sites document the ancient existence and cultivation of arts. Furthermore, featuring specific folklore traditions and creativity in all kinds of art, the artists (performing in fine art, music, literature, and theatre) have continued their artistic expression with particular success and quality until today.

On many occasions, we emphasize the role of the arts in creating a better society. However, a constant reminder seems more than necessary, although the arts play an essential role in our daily life. From a very young age, we teach our children to read with the help of an image that helps them get to know sounds and words, dance, or take on a role and act. Allow me to speak more about the visual/fine arts.

Today we live in a world filled with images. The modern age of television, film, advertisements, YouTube, Instagram and infographics compels us to think visually and develop visual rhetoric. At the same time, this kind of thinking allows decoding, translating, deciphering and describing the visual expression and encourages us to be more adventurous in breaking the rules and overcoming stereotypes.

World Art Day has been celebrated on the 15th of April since 2012. Although artists themselves passionately dedicate their lives to the creation of their work and promotion of the arts daily, together with the Europe House Team, we celebrate this day to bring the visual/fine arts closer to audiences who would not generally visit museums, galleries or any other art exhibition space. This celebration allows us to highlight the pivotal role of the arts in social cohesion and communication among people from diverse backgrounds and interests because, to put it simply, the interaction among individuals essentially means the exchange of ideas and overcoming differences.

In this way, by involving the younger generations of visual/fine artists (especially the students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, UKIM in Skopje), we try to raise the criteria for and build awareness of the lasting cultural values and the importance of having an open and emancipated mind.

Ars longa, vita brevis.

prof. Slavica Janešlieva, PhD, MFA, Dean of FFA, UKIM in Skopje

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