Monday, December 13, 1999

V.A.M., 1999

А.В.М. (Асоцијација на воајери на Македонија), 1999
22 дигитални отпечатоци (секој 20х20см.); 70х350см.

V.A.M. (Voyeuers Association of Macedonia), 1999
22 digital prints (each 20x20cm.); dimensions variable (app. 70x350cm.)

In her work Slavica Janešlieva attempts to simulate an association of citizens whose shared habit and passion is peeping at couples who make love in public places. In order to realize her project she searched for spots in Skopje (parks, parking lots, etc.) where the scopophilic "ritual" is usually performed. With her digital installation and the establishing of the association she considers the needs and the urges of people who experience a greater enjoyment in peeping than in the act of love-making itself. According to her the phenomenon of voyeurism is rare in women. Thus, in order to be more persuasive, she had to "change" her own sex and identity, i.e., "to become" male.
Suzana Milevska (from the Catalogue The First Peep Show in the City)

Членска карта на асоцијацијата.
Membership card of the Association.

 Детаљ - Паркинг./Detail - Parking Lot.

 Детаљ Водно- ./Detail - Vodno.

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