Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Happy Birthday, 2000

Среќен роденден, 2000 (од серијата „Раскажување приказни“)
објект и видео со звук
Happy Birthday, 2000 ("Story Telling" exhibition)
object and video with sound

There is a "ritual" - a special way of waking members of our close family on the day of their birthday. It has become our custom to begin the celebration of the birthday by making a great noise.
Since I remember, always on 17th March my family keeps waking me up in this special way. If I happen to awake earlier, I am not supposed to get up, but to stay in bed and pretend to be still asleep.
So, everyone gets up early in the morning (before I do). First, a birthday tray is arranged with all the items you can see on this one: flowers from our garden which have been planted by my grandfather, my mum and myself (a wish for a beautiful year); nuts - scattered all over the tray (to bring me good health), slatko (a special homemade fruit preserve - a kind of a jam - to wish me a year full of sweet and pleasant things), a musical box (for a year as easy as singing a song), a present or/and envelope with some money in it (for a fruitful year).
While the tray is being prepared all wash and dress up. Then they pick up lids (each takes two) and very quietly enter my room.
The tray is placed next to my bed and they all stand around it. On the sign (usually given by my mum) the banging with the lids begins (they are usually metal ones in order to produce a good loud sound). The noise stops a minute or two after I wake up, congratulations and good wishes are expressed (with lots of kisses) and various stories about the day when my mum brought me into this world are told and re-told.
P.S. Once my grandfather Asen made a very good joke on one of these occasions, but I am going to tell you that story some other time.

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